Value Services from Assistive Healthcare Solutions

Wide range of services including CPT and ICD coding, EDI management and submission,
Medical Revenue Cycle Management, EMR & EHR support and many more.

Insurance Verification

With our comprehensive health insurance eligibility verification solutions, we include patient registration, enrollment and scheduling, benefit verification, referrals and pre- authorizations etc.

Insurance Verification Process

The Insurance verification processes include various stages and each of them follows very strict guidelines during actual implementation.

  • Date of policy enrollment
  • Effective date of policy
  • Plan/Fiscal year
  • Grace period
  • Policy coverage
  • Plan coverage
  • Co-ordination of benefits
  • Any active HMO pre existing
  • In-Network
  • Out of Network
  • Plan exclusion
  • Capitation assessment
  • Benefit Limitation
  • Deductible
  • Co-Pay
  • Co-Insurance
  • Cpt covered
  • Plan Coverage%
  • Plan limitation
  • Payer Claims address
  • Payer electronic id
  • Fee schedule

Verification Flowchart

Authorization Process